procedure rules for students' admission to our schools:

  • 1) Filling in the registration form.
  • 2) Fund the registration fee and accept the school rules by signing the school rules report.
  • 3) Introducing all the needed data for the schools.
  • 4) All the data should be written in clear and precise writing.
  • 5) If there's a need for adding more information during the school year, the information should be written from the student's authority.

The needed data and requirements for admission and registration in our schools, you should provide a copy of,

  • 1) The birth certificate.
  • 2) The vaccine certificate.
  • 3) The family card plus the ID.
  • 5) The valid passports of the father and the mother for non Saudis.
  • 6) Iqama
  • 7) A certified medical report about the students declares that the student has no diseases.
  • 8) A diagram for the housing location.

KG and elementary requirements

  • 1) The family card or a valid Iqama.
  • 2) The birth certificate.
  • 3) The vaccine certificate.
  • 4) A complete medical report.
  • 5) The student's passport and also his father's.
  • 6) A new photo for the student.
  • 7) For the elementary section, the original certificates must be enclosed and stamped from the previous school.
  • 8) The full information record of the student.
  • 9) Transforming the student profile electronically through NOUR.

Student's registration in nursery and elementary section

  • the student should;
  • 1)Be at the age of the acceptance which is specified from the ministry of education.
  • 2) For the nursery stage the student age must be;
  • a)( nursery 1 from the age of three to four).
  • B)( nursery 2 from the age of four to five ).
  • c) ( nursery 3 from the age of five to six).

The intermediate and secondary requirements

The students' file should have:

  • 1) The success certificates for the previous years from the previous schools.
  • 2) The complete file for the student.
  • 3) The family card for Saudis or Iqama for non-Saudis and a copy of the passport.
  • 4) The birth certificate
  • 5) The medical report.
  • 6) The vaccine certificate
  • 7) The books from the previous school.
  • 8) Transferring the file from NOUR electronically.

The girl students acceptance in the intermediate and secondary stages.

The student must be interviewed and she must pass the acceptance test for grade 1 in both stages. For the others grades the school average must be over 85%. After completing the previous requirements, the student is given an acceptance report to her former school.