Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools

Girls,Secondary Section

INTERMEDIATE SECTION FOR GIRLS Dar Al-Tarbia Al Haditha as a pioneer idea adopted by Princess Al-Goharaa Bint Saud the leder "Mercy of God "be with them . It was established in 1387H for girls includes variety of sections started with KG ,primary section, Intermediate and finally Secondary section

Facilities and Services

  • Vast Areas
  • Classes supplied with modern educational devices .
  • Large shaded patios.
  • Computer , Science and Math labs.
  • Gyms
  • Sports Fields
  • Learning Resources Halls connected with the internet
  • A School Theatre supplied with audio and video advanced tools
  • An equipped Medical Clinic
  • Canteen supervised by the school doctor

The important events

25 02 2020

Blesses of determination

  By the grace of God and his preference over Dar Altarbiah  Schools' team from the secondary stage for girls  won the first place in the Sumo Robot 2020 competition in the engineering day at King Abdulaziz University, congratulating the two students / Maryam Jamali and Jannah Baharith on their victory, and thanks are due to their creative coach, Manal Al-Sayegh

  Secondary Department Leader / Awatef Al-Farshouti


25 02 2020

  In continuation of the achievements of our schools, the Bedc initiative for the English language, the idea of   a distinguished teacher / Bayan AlImam  sponsored by the Department of Middle Education, which was activated on Thursday 26/6/1441 at the level of the middle schools, and our schools have won the second position, congratulating our students and their teachers

 Secondary Department Leader / Awatef Al-Farshouti


25 02 2020

Our high school students won the first place in the "Physicists of Jeddah" competition and qualified for the second stage in the field of electricity and magnet, as the student / Ghala Al-Subhi qualified for the second stage in the field of mechanics, and thanks are given to the creative teacher / Hemat Al-Rashidi for her effort and good supervision.

 Secondary Department Leader / Awatef Al-Farshouti.


25 02 2020

 The highest verses of congratulations and blessings of the student / Maryam Jamali for receiving a special award

 Exxon mobile

 In the final of the National Olympiad for creativity, thanks are due to the distinguished teacher / Abeer Taher

 Secondary Department Leader / Awatef Al-Farshouti


25 02 2020

  This was the motto of the practical lesson presented by the teacher / Hind Bamuhrez in "Present Tense Weather" in the presence of the Arabic Language Supervisor, School Administration, and a group of female teachers from inside and outside the school.

   Hope success  for the teacher and her students.

  Secondary Department Leader / Awatef Al-Farshouti


29 01 2020

By the grace of God and then by the efforts of the female staff of Education House, our schools achieved excellent results at the achievement level in the first semester of the secondary section, where twenty students got the first ten positions at the first level, nineteen students at the third level, and ten students at the fifth level of the curriculum system.

 We ask God for all our students to be successful


04 11 2019

Our  school's success  is still continuous and some   students  were qualified / Asayel Al-Ghamdi / Layan Albadri

  Congratulations to our students and their teachers to win the first stage in Arabic field and were chosen to the final win, God willing

  Secondary  Leader / Ms. Awatif Farshouti



22 02 1441

 For their remarkable initiatives and outstanding gifts, their names have shone in the sky of education

 Mrs Bayan  Alimam

 Miss Abeer Tahir

 Mrs Hadeel Shamrani

 Congratulations to them

 Secondary Section Leader / Awatif Farshouti.


16 02 1441

"My grandmother crowned my head" was the slogan of the program, which was activated by the secondary section on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons (grandmothers) in support of family ties on Wednesday, 1441/3/14 under the supervision of student counselor / Areej al-Harthy, and under the auspices of the head of the secondary section Ms. Awatif Farshouti.