Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools

Lower Elementary Boys Section

Dar Al-Tarbia schools were established to contribute to the march of science, construction and serve as a building block of the overall blocks balanced development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing educational programs and educational services to care of students . We are satisfied that our goals clearly defined to build a good human and to prepare a cooperated community.
We have programs that keep pace with rapid developments in quality adequate with spirit of schools and that our unique from other addition to the basic material world is to provide (mental mathematics - Math and Science in English).
The section is equipped with lab for computer and laboratory for mathematics and a laboratory for the English language. The school is also equipped with a playground and a waiting lounge and a cafeteria.
We expect these will be reflected on our children where two goals have been achieved. First the good example through well qualified teachers ,and the second is the inexhaustible creative science by providing a distinctive learning environment and therefore the brilliance of the students and their superiority was not only confined to the walls of their school, but had transgressed through effective positions in some extracurricular activities where it has achieved a great honorable results, leaving an unforgettable impression in the minds of everyone.
There is no doubt that the character of the teacher plays an important role in finding love and affection between him and his students. Teachers in Dar Al-Tarbia are characterized with loyalty and devotion so they are chosen well.

The important events

15 03 1443

DarAltarbia Schools
 For teacher Amal Suleiman Qeddi
 Honored by the General Administration of Education in Jeddah
 This is due to the efforts made to improve the educational process.
 Our heartfelt wishes for her continued progress, excellence and giving.

28 05 1441

LEGO Competition 

Five students from Boy's primary section  the LEGO competition event  the event was held in jeddah and led by 2 teachers :

 Manal al saya  and sarah al bgmy 



12 06 1441

Arabic calligraphy contest

The talent of the calligraph is creativity and beauty  from Allah.

Boys primary sction held the Arabic Calligraphy contest in which all students Participated . 

The winners student were honored.

On Thursday 



06 02 1441

The first grade section was created on October 5 with the participation of students and teachers with awareness content and meaningful activities