The school fees

  • The person who apply and fill the registration form for the student will be the student's authority and will be responsible for everything for the school and he must attend if the student wants to transfer from the school.
  • There's (SR 1000) for registration the new student for the first time in addition to the first term fee.
  • - If the student absents himself for more than consecutive 30 days without formal excuse, will be fired out from the school without refunding the paid fees.

Methods of paying

For the new students

The student's authority pays the registering fees and the first term fee also should pay the second term fee before it starts.

for the progressional students

For the school students they should pay the first term fees before it starts in advance and if not he will have no priority for the accepting in the coming year.

How to pay?

The way is the same for both the two terms

  • If he student withdraw from the school during the first 30 days from the beginning of the year, the school has the right to deduct (SR 1000) from the term fee by introducing the original invoice.

the deduction way

According to the school rules the authority can have the deduction through

  • 10 % discount for every two brothers starting from registering the second brother.

how to pay

  • Cash from the student or his authority.
  • Qualified Cheque by the name of the school. )
  • By SADAD system.
  • By transmitting for the school account no.( 2830700376 ) and giving the financial administration the recipe