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The International Section

The International Section was established in 1430 H. It i is a branch of Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools which accredited by AdvancED . The American Curricula is applied by an educational qualified staff. In addition to English Language , the section teaches French Language, PE, Arabic Language , and Islamic Studies which approved by Ministry of Education . The Section has a well qualified staff with long experiences.
The Section includes Kindergartens, Lower Elementary Boys , and Elementary Girls. There are about 142 students. All classrooms are equipped with the latest technological instruments to enhance the educational process. The students' guide provides psychological care and educational support for every student. On the other hand , the section has been working hard and strives to develop and invest the students' technical and educational abilities. This has been done through establishing educational projects , educational courses , workshops, and class visits, school broadcasts, excursions, occasions , and many various activities.
The section takes care of the partnership between school and parents to achieve all the students goals. This has been done through the electronic website , telephone calls , mothers' councils, weekly agenda and messages.

The important events

26 03 2023

On the early days of  Ramadan , our school has made a breakfast for the students and their teachers to increase the value of cooperation and love. Meanwhile the students prepared Ramadan baskets for the poor to make the society one family 

Really, it was a very lovely day


14 02 2023

As our school is very careful to support the students with different activities, it has arranged a trip to Jampolin in which the students enjoyed themselves well under supervision of supervisors from the school. They returned safely after a very enjoyable day.


12 02 2023

We made cooperation with Jeddah university to have lecture about (cancer), they described some symptoms about it and early diagnosis.

Community partnership with Jeddah university ( medicine faculty )

The medicine undergraduate students have introduced a lecture to our students, in our school, about cancer disease to aware them of discovering and predicting the disease by précised diagnosis. The discussion between the undergraduate students and our school students was very fruitful. Our students were eagerly to be doctors like them oneday.



19 01 2023

Celebrate Saudi coffee day, we made a program about it and about the different kinds of it also the importance about it

Saudi Coffee Day Celebration

Arabian coffee is a distinguished Saudi heritage accordingly our school has arranged a complete program on the Saudi Coffee Day declaring the kinds of coffee and how they are made and served. They considered serving coffee as a symbol for generosity in the society. By the way the school introduced coffee for all the guests.


28 12 2022

Two students made a workshop about (first aid) for grade 11-10 students to talk about the importance for first aid


21 12 2023

Celebrate Arabic day in our section during the morning assembly and we made program for the student some of them said a poem and some said words about Arabic language.

05 02 2020

On Wednesday 5/2/2020 at Dar Al-tarbya school the international section in cooperation with the private educational office invites all international schools to attend workshop under the name of (Madrasaty Program). Mrs.amal jan and Mrs.wed khoja presented the program under the supervision of Mrs.afaf alsafri.


06 02 2020

On Thursday 6/2/2020 the international section celebrates Sport Day. Sport is not only about competition, it is also about having fun , being physically active , learning the basics of sports and building coordination and teamwork and so to give the students an opportunity to display their talent, self-confidence, patience, and sportsmanship.

Students of classes 1 to 9 competed in event, The event contains many stages for games they have to pass them to win. At the end of the game there is a bell the first one who finish the stages will ring it.

At the end sport day was filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to stuudents.

04 02 2020

The International section of Dar Altarbia Alhadith took the upper grades in Tuesday 4/2/2020 to alshalal to make them feel cheerful and happy.  After they finished they eat their food. The trip was a success and fulfilled the goals it was meant to be.  All of the students expressed their contentment and happiness.


10 02 2020

On Monday 10/2/2020 the international section activate ALTAJER ALSAGHER program. The program goal to teach the student how to buy, sell and calculate.


30 01 2020

The International section of Dar Altarbia Alhadith took the KG section in Thursday 30/1/2020 to Ecco centre to make them feel cheerful and happy. we choose (paper story) program which contain 3 stages for example they will make paper , planet some seeds and make art piece.  After they finish they eat their food. The trip was a success and fulfilled the goals it was meant to be.  All of the students expressed their contentment and happiness.

Principal: Amal Jan                                Coordinator: Ghadah Al sharqawi

Activity Teacher: Rasha alguthmi


28 11 2019

On Thursday 28-11-2019 the international section celebrates career day. The teachers divided the girls in to groups every group one career for example: doctor, engineer, pilot, and teacher.  The event contains many corners about special career. also the teachers made some activities with their students .


21 11 2019

The International section of Dar AltarbiaAlhadith took the KG in Thursday 21/11/2019 to Belly beez to make them feel cheerful and happy and enjoyed it. The trip was a success and fulfilled the goals it was meant to be.  All of the students expressed their contentment and happiness.