Dar Al-Tarbia Schools

The primary Girls' departments

The primary section for girls contains 15 classes including two hundred seventy nine students supervised by thirty seven distinguished teachers and five excellent administrators ,our school concerned to join them in courses to cope with modern methodology and every new in educational strategies. Our school is equipped with social media and modern websites through a computer and a projector and the internet is provided to communicate with the public administration .

Important Events

11 01 2023

 On Wednesday 4/9/1444 H. we honored the following

The female students who distinguished themselves in early attendance and non-absence

distinguished classFemale students participating in the Qur’an and Sunnah competition-  

01 01 2023


In order to bring joy and happiness to our little students;


We coordinated to make a recreational trip for the students of the primary grades of the primary stage


For the Art Time ( Fun Time )amusement park.


01 11 2022

A workshop was implemented for fifth grade students


On Tuesday  7/4/1444 AH


In school activity classes entitled (My Beauty and Elegance)


About how to choose colors and how much they affect a person.


using the color wheel.


Implemented by the creative student: Rasis Al-Amari in the sixth grade of primary school


05 01 2023


We congratulate the student: Lian Damanhouri


From the sixth grade of primary school


Qualified for Mawhoob 2022 competition


29 03 2023

On Tuesday, 3/29/2023 G.


An entertaining activity was carried out for students in the primary girls section


Under the title:


(My Beauty and Elegance)


Where the goal was: to spread awareness and culture of interest in the external appearance and good coordination of the student.


Fifth and sixth grade students participated in it.


05 10 2022

In our schools, we usually celebrate with Teacher's Day On October 5, 2022 AD

Also the teachers were honored by the Principal of the Elementary Department

Professor: Dawlat Al-Sheikh


Prepared by the activity leader

Ghada Al-Ghamdi 


11 10 2022

(Activating the Healthy Food Workshop)

which was held today, Tuesday 3/15/1444 H, during the activity classes  healthy food workshop,

The school is very careful to appear the  importance of healthy food and drinking milk was defined For primary school students.


10 01 2023

The 2022 Schools League for football and various games (for girls) was held under the slogan:

(Today's Generation Makes Future Achievements)

Within the scope of the School League project.

The schools of Dar Al Tarbih Al Haditha - Elementary Section participated in the "Heroes of Dar Al Tarbia Al Haditha" team.

Led by the physical education teacher, Mrs. Faiza Mahrous


22 02 1441

The primary section students participated in the Olympics of Mathematics and Science and conducted the test on 22/2/1441, the participation was at the level of the central office.