Dar Al-Tarbia Schools

The primary Girls' departments

The primary section for girls contains 15 classes including two hundred seventy nine students supervised by thirty seven distinguished teachers and five excellent administrators ,our school concerned to join them in courses to cope with modern methodology and every new in educational strategies. Our school is equipped with social media and modern websites through a computer and a projector and the internet is provided to communicate with the public administration .

Important Events

25 01 2024

The Competition of (Save, may God protect you) competition was held on Thursday 7/13/1445

It is a competition for memorizing immunization remembrances

  For first and second year primary school students


24 01 2024

The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best charity is giving water.”

From the standpoint of this noble Hadith implemented by Islamic studies teacher: Soha Al-Qishawi

Watering initiative with her students to instill the value and virtue of charity in the students’ souls and train them practically to implement it

It was implemented on Wednesday, 7/12/1445


30 01 2024

The Spelling Bee Competition was held at  Al-Jawhara Theater of our school Dar Al-Tarbiyah Al-Haditha Schools on Tuesday, 7/18/1445   in the primary section (girls)

It is a spelling competition in the English language for fifth-grade female students under the supervision of the English language teacher.

  Mrs. Zeinab Saabiya


23 01 2024

Career Day activity was activated for primary school students (girls)

 on Tuesday, 7/11/1445. From the standpoint of knowing the professional inclinations of female students.

Under the title (Today’s Profession, Tomorrow’s Future)

The students wore the uniform for each profession


22 01 2024

After completing the mid-term exams of the second semester, and to bring joy and happiness to our students, a tea party activity was activated for the students with their teachers on Tuesday 6/20.


22 01 2024

Based on the principle of cooperation between school and home, an activity entitled (Made with My Own) was activated.

To demonstrate the students’ artistic skills in making small accessories Which brought joy to the students


05 08 1445

Hats activity


Under the supervision of the director of the primary department

Najla Shatwan



Ghada Al-Ghamdi

06 08 1445

Celebrating the Arabic language
It took place on Thursday 6/8/1445 AH
Creating a theatrical program prepared by Arabic language teachers
In the primary section (girls)
Names of Al-Mu'awi
Welcome Friday
Noura Al-Otaibi
The celebrations were varied:
of reciting poetry,
Conversations in Arabic between female students,
The dialogue between the Arabic language and the colloquial dialect,
And the bride of the Arabic language.

08 06 1445

For beautiful endings

It was full of excellence and excellence

The primary school students were honored

On the stage of Dar Al Tarbiya Modern Schools


11 11 2023

An awareness meeting was held for primary school students about infection and how to prevent it.

They talked about the importance of cleanliness for female students

In the presence of Dr. Heba Naeem Younis


5 23 1445

The second mothers’ meeting for the second semester was held on Thursday, 5/23/1445 AH

This is based on the importance of strengthening the relationship between the school and students' parents, involving them in the educational process, and promoting positive behavior

The meeting was attended by a behavior modification specialist

Ms. Lamees Al-Sabban

A synchronous meeting was held via Zoom with mothers who could not attend the meeting


25 10 2023

It is to promote positive behavior, motivate students to be disciplined, and reduce the phenomenon of absenteeism. Female students who were disciplined in the morning assembly were honored Today is Tuesday, 4/8/1445. The female students who participated in designing the competitions’ logos were honored


19 10 2023

Health activity was activated today, Tuesday, 4/2/1445

Oral and dental health through a community partnership with King Fahd Hospital, Dr. Yusra Aklouk and Dr. Jihan

This is done by holding an awareness meeting for female students about dental health, how to maintain dental hygiene, and methods of brushing and cleaning teeth.


19 10 2023

World Space Week 2023 has been activated

In the primary section (girls)

Creating a theatrical program in the school theater

The students presented the program in cooperation with the capable teachers Ms. Amani Al-Jadaani, Ms. Rahma Al-Qarni, and Ms. Noha Abu Al-Adel and clarifying the Kingdom’s position (our ambition goes beyond space) in how to reach space as the first Saudi astronaut, Rayana Barnawi

Also providing articles in English about space


11 10 2023

In order to bring joy and happiness to primary school students

Dar Al Tarbiya schools organized an entertaining trip for the students to the Fun Time Pizza amusement park


25 09 2023

A community partnership was activated in activity classes for the girls’ primary section with CareDirect Company

To explain the types of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the digestive system of children


26 09 2023

The celebration is today, Tuesday, 3/11/1445 On the 93rd National Day in the girls' primary section

The celebration included many events including the coloring of the Saudi flag, reciting words and poems about the homeland, national competitions and performing parts of the homeland operetta. The fingerprint of a homeland, and many activities during the school day.

Thanks to the loyal daughters of the nation, teachers of the primary section

Activity leader and deputy head of the primary department

Ghada Al-Ghamdi


26 09 2023

Female students from Dar Al Tarbiya Modern Schools participated in celebrating the 93rd National Day By presenting shows in the national operetta at the Royal Guard Theater in honor of a number of military figures...

Trainer: Ms. Fayza Mahrous

Communication with the Royal Guard: Ghada Al-Ghamdi

Supervisor of female students: Baraka Al-Sibani

Under the supervision of the Director of the Primary Department

Naglaa Ahmed Shatwan


12 09 2023

The program (My health is in my cleanliness) was activated on Tuesday,


Where awareness was spread among primary school students about the importance of personal cleanliness (care of body cleanliness / clothes / clean hair and awareness of the spread of lice)

The students were explained and the educational videos were presented through the project.


09 09 2023

The activity and application of the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) was activated

In dealing with young people in partnership between sixth grader students. And the first grade is primary



09 09 2023

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

Mothers' councils

The welcoming mothers' councils were held with virtuous mothers.

In the primary section (girls)

And it was held through the zoom program

Wednesday and Thursday 1445/2/21/20

Behavioral problems and preventive and therapeutic measures were presented.

For primary school students

The grading distribution list for the subjects has been explained

The attendance for the year 1445 AH

The list of codes of conduct and attendance and the latest developments contained therein have been explained

A questionnaire called (Parts to Excellence) was asked

This is to receive mothers' proposals and to be partners with development proposals that suit the needs of the age group for students of the primary section, girls,,,

Director of the primary department: Najla Shatowan

Agent: Gada Al-Ghamdi

Student Orientation: The Boyni Bark


09 09 2023

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

An introductory meeting was held for female students at the primary stage with the supervisor of talented programs, Professor Mai Al-Taweil, to introduce the program

The bot and it is a software that supports steem theory

It supports artificial intelligence and keeps pace with the skills of this generation



11 01 2023

 On Wednesday 4/9/1444 H. we honored the following

The female students who distinguished themselves in early attendance and non-absence

distinguished classFemale students participating in the Qur’an and Sunnah competition-  

01 01 2023


In order to bring joy and happiness to our little students;


We coordinated to make a recreational trip for the students of the primary grades of the primary stage


For the Art Time ( Fun Time )amusement park.


01 11 2022

A workshop was implemented for fifth grade students


On Tuesday  7/4/1444 AH


In school activity classes entitled (My Beauty and Elegance)


About how to choose colors and how much they affect a person.


using the color wheel.


Implemented by the creative student: Rasis Al-Amari in the sixth grade of primary school


05 01 2023


We congratulate the student: Lian Damanhouri


From the sixth grade of primary school


Qualified for Mawhoob 2022 competition


29 03 2023

On Tuesday, 3/29/2023 G.


An entertaining activity was carried out for students in the primary girls section


Under the title:


(My Beauty and Elegance)


Where the goal was: to spread awareness and culture of interest in the external appearance and good coordination of the student.


Fifth and sixth grade students participated in it.


05 10 2022

In our schools, we usually celebrate with Teacher's Day On October 5, 2022 AD

Also the teachers were honored by the Principal of the Elementary Department

Professor: Dawlat Al-Sheikh


Prepared by the activity leader

Ghada Al-Ghamdi 


11 10 2022

(Activating the Healthy Food Workshop)

which was held today, Tuesday 3/15/1444 H, during the activity classes  healthy food workshop,

The school is very careful to appear the  importance of healthy food and drinking milk was defined For primary school students.