Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools

Girls intermediate section

INTERMEDIATE SECTION FOR GIRLS Dar Al-Tarbia Al Haditha as a pioneer idea adopted by Princess Al-Goharaa Bint Saud the leder "Mercy of God "be with them . It was established in 1387H for girls includes variety of sections started with KG ,primary section, Intermediate and finally Secondary section

Facilities and Services

  • Vast Areas
  • Classes supplied with modern educational devices .
  • Large shaded patios.
  • Computer , Science and Math labs.
  • Gyms
  • Sports Fields
  • Learning Resources Halls connected with the internet
  • A School Theatre supplied with audio and video advanced tools
  • An equipped Medical Clinic
  • Canteen supervised by the school doctor

The most important events

24 06 1441

Our schools won the second place in the Kingdom in the performance of the robot and the programming cup in the National Robot Olympiad competition, which was represented by the students of the intermediate section, Fajr Al-Shehri, Joana Al-Balihis and Jumana Al-Masoud.

 Congratulations to them for this achievement and congratulations to the distinguished Tr. Manal Al-Sayegh and the creative student, Hala Khayyat.



11 02 2020

The highest verses of congratulations and blessings offered by the employees  of Dar Altarbia Alhaditha Schools to the student Fajr al-Shehri

 For winning the third place at the level of Arab countries in the National Olympiad competition for the Arabic language in Egypt

 Congratulations to the two teachers:

 Tr. Huda Serhan and 

 Tr. Sharifa Al-Qarni

 And for everyone who contributed to facilitating the student's study and follow-up

10 06 1441

The Arabic Letter Race Initiative was established to serve the language of the Holy Qur’an and show the magnificence of its splendor in the schools of Dar Altarbia Alhaditha  on Tuesday 10/6/1441 AH for the intermediate and secondary Sections 

 The promoter  of the initiative is Tr.Amal Al-Baqmi also by  the participation of Arabic  teachers the language in which the students competed and highlighted their talents in various arts of the Arabic language, recitation, prose, poetry, and theatrical representation.