Jobs Opportunities

  • 1-Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college.

    2-Education Diploma from an accredited educational institutions, for un-educational graduates and the educational Diploma in these complementary state of scientific educational degree doesn’t grant the graduate any additional points of differentiation points..

    3-Getting on the school administration diploma or its equivalent from an accredited training courses.

    4- Having experience as a teacher in the same stage for at least 4 years

    5- The candidate has to received appreciation and functional performance of not less than "very good" in the last three years.

    6-The candidate must not be issued against him punishment , or evidence of shortcomings in his work, or at the low level of performance .

    7-Using computer proficiency and preferably who having ICDL certificate

    8-Degrees and arrange preference was determined according to the provisions of disciplines issued by the Ministry of Education.

    9-Passing the personal interview.

    10- The applicant must be a Saudi national .

Employment To a Request