Important News

The students activities have made Dar Al- Tarbia Al-Hadetha Private Schools integrated community, to train young people on the lives of communities in different types, in its firm , fun and experiences. Activities inspire the spirit of community, and train students on a consultation and collective cooperation and mutual understanding and collective leadership. They also support students personalities as they suffer from challenges, and what they have met with problems, and endure the responsibilities, and help them to taste of the value of that effort and teamwork.

30 05 2023

Today, Tuesday, corresponding to 11/14/1444, the preliminary students visited the primary department, and took an introductory tour with the student guide and the activity leader within the department, getting acquainted with the teachers of the first grade of primary school, and getting acquainted with the department’s facilities.

Where they were received and welcomed by the first-grade students, and gifts were distributed to them to encourage them.


30 01 2024

The Spelling Bee Competition was held at  Al-Jawhara Theater of our school Dar Al-Tarbiyah Al-Haditha Schools on Tuesday, 7/18/1445   in the primary section (girls)

It is a spelling competition in the English language for fifth-grade female students under the supervision of the English language teacher.

  Mrs. Zeinab Saabiya


29 03 2023

On Tuesday, 3/29/2023 G.


An entertaining activity was carried out for students in the primary girls section


Under the title:


(My Beauty and Elegance)


Where the goal was: to spread awareness and culture of interest in the external appearance and good coordination of the student.


Fifth and sixth grade students participated in it.


28 12 2022

Two students made a workshop about (first aid) for grade 11-10 students to talk about the importance for first aid


26 09 2023

On Wednesday, Rabeia the first 12th, Dar Al-Tarbiyah Alhaditha Schools , the elementary  and international sections, held a students’ celebration of the 93rd  Saudi National Day with the presence of the school leader, Mr. Mishari Al-Ghamdi, the supervisor, Mr. Khaled Al-Qarni, and also the school  teachers. The celebration included a group of students’ theatrical performances, recreational games, an operetta, and poetry poems expressing their  love and pride for their homeland. My love and my pride my dear country. Long live Saudi Arabia.

26 09 2023

The celebration is today, Tuesday, 3/11/1445 On the 93rd National Day in the girls' primary section

The celebration included many events including the coloring of the Saudi flag, reciting words and poems about the homeland, national competitions and performing parts of the homeland operetta. The fingerprint of a homeland, and many activities during the school day.

Thanks to the loyal daughters of the nation, teachers of the primary section

Activity leader and deputy head of the primary department

Ghada Al-Ghamdi


26 09 2023

Female students from Dar Al Tarbiya Modern Schools participated in celebrating the 93rd National Day By presenting shows in the national operetta at the Royal Guard Theater in honor of a number of military figures...

Trainer: Ms. Fayza Mahrous

Communication with the Royal Guard: Ghada Al-Ghamdi

Supervisor of female students: Baraka Al-Sibani

Under the supervision of the Director of the Primary Department

Naglaa Ahmed Shatwan


26 03 2023


The principal of the school, Mr. Abdo Al-Muaidi, on behalf of the management of the intermediate department, honored the students participating in the foundation Day.


26 03 2023

On the early days of  Ramadan , our school has made a breakfast for the students and their teachers to increase the value of cooperation and love. Meanwhile the students prepared Ramadan baskets for the poor to make the society one family 

Really, it was a very lovely day


26 02 2023

In a social and awareness initiative, the intermediate section made an official visit to the Biennale (periodic exhibition) of Islamic arts at King Abdul Airport in Jeddah. Where the students got acquainted with the facilities of the region and the works of artists from all Islamic countries.

25 10 2023

On this day, Wednesday 4/9/1445, corresponding to 10/25/2023 AD, the secondary department was honored by the visit of the Director of the Al-Fayhaa Education Office, Dr. Saud Al-Sulami.
He toured the school facilities and visited the classrooms, and praised the attention the schools received from Their Highnesses the owners, His Excellency the General Director, and school leaders

25 10 2023

It is to promote positive behavior, motivate students to be disciplined, and reduce the phenomenon of absenteeism. Female students who were disciplined in the morning assembly were honored Today is Tuesday, 4/8/1445. The female students who participated in designing the competitions’ logos were honored


25 09 2023

A community partnership was activated in activity classes for the girls’ primary section with CareDirect Company

To explain the types of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the digestive system of children


25 01 2024

The Competition of (Save, may God protect you) competition was held on Thursday 7/13/1445

It is a competition for memorizing immunization remembrances

  For first and second year primary school students


24 01 2024

The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best charity is giving water.”

From the standpoint of this noble Hadith implemented by Islamic studies teacher: Soha Al-Qishawi

Watering initiative with her students to instill the value and virtue of charity in the students’ souls and train them practically to implement it

It was implemented on Wednesday, 7/12/1445


23 09 2022

The National Day between celebrations and memories

The great sacrifices and unlimited giving are the ways to achieve the goals. After unification, the story of a comprehensive development process that was fruitful by its men began on the land of this country to become a field for a developmental renaissance that included all educational, industrial and agricultural sectors and fields.

Therefore, we really had to celebrate and celebrate the National Day in Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Haditha Secondary School, where everyone was keen to wear the Saudi uniform - with pride - and chant songs and performances from various regions of the Kingdom, and everyone ate the traditional foods that the Kingdom is famous for.

The day ended with joy and pride among all the school's employees.


23 01 2024

Career Day activity was activated for primary school students (girls)

 on Tuesday, 7/11/1445. From the standpoint of knowing the professional inclinations of female students.

Under the title (Today’s Profession, Tomorrow’s Future)

The students wore the uniform for each profession


22 10 2022

Teacher's Day:

Standup for teacher show him your respect

The teacher was almost a messenger.

Who is better or greater than who

sets and creates souls and minds.

Dar Al Tarbih Al Haditha High School celebrated Teacher’s Day, where words of gratitude and repentance were given by the school administration and students. Symbolic gifts were also presented to the teachers.

The teachers thanked the school administration and the students for their hospitality and generosity.


22 02 2023

The Foundation  Day Celebration

From the day we started, we continually build our habits.

Today, Wednesday morning,  7/24/1444 AH, the middle section celebrated the foundation Day, which falls on 2/22/2023 G. of each year, in which all students participated, expressing their joy on this day.


22 01 2024

In our school Dar al-Tarbiyah Al-Haditha High School, we are keen on the physical health of our students, and because we care about group activities that develop the spirit of cooperation and participation.
The school prepared for the final football league competition. Teachers versus students.
We are now eager for the final match between the teachers’ team and the second grade computer and engineering team
This match attract attention and follow-up from all the school skateholders.
With great expectations that the student team will win.
We wish everyone a wonderful enjoyment, for players and fans.

22 01 2024

After completing the mid-term exams of the second semester, and to bring joy and happiness to our students, a tea party activity was activated for the students with their teachers on Tuesday 6/20.


22 01 2024

Based on the principle of cooperation between school and home, an activity entitled (Made with My Own) was activated.

To demonstrate the students’ artistic skills in making small accessories Which brought joy to the students


21 12 2023

Celebrate Arabic day in our section during the morning assembly and we made program for the student some of them said a poem and some said words about Arabic language.

20 10 2022

Dar Al Tarbia Al Haditha (High School) hosted a delegation of students from medical colleges at King Abdul-Aziz University to present a symposium on the importance and danger of medicine. The seminar was divided into three main sections:

First: the importance of medicine in terms of the necessity of treatment, and not neglecting any disease or symptom.

Second: The danger of taking medications without consulting a doctor or exaggerating the use of medication.

As for the third section, the visiting team listened to students and teachers' questions about the topic of the symposium, and provided adequate answers to these questions.

At the end of the seminar, the school administration thanked and appreciated the visiting team


20 08 2023

Dar Al-Altarbia Al-Hadithah Intermediate School receives and welcomes its junior and senior students during the first week . The academic year 1445


20 07 1445

In line with the generous royal order, the administration of the primary grades department announces that rain prayer will be held with its students

19 10 2023

Health activity was activated today, Tuesday, 4/2/1445

Oral and dental health through a community partnership with King Fahd Hospital, Dr. Yusra Aklouk and Dr. Jihan

This is done by holding an awareness meeting for female students about dental health, how to maintain dental hygiene, and methods of brushing and cleaning teeth.


19 10 2023

World Space Week 2023 has been activated

In the primary section (girls)

Creating a theatrical program in the school theater

The students presented the program in cooperation with the capable teachers Ms. Amani Al-Jadaani, Ms. Rahma Al-Qarni, and Ms. Noha Abu Al-Adel and clarifying the Kingdom’s position (our ambition goes beyond space) in how to reach space as the first Saudi astronaut, Rayana Barnawi

Also providing articles in English about space


19 01 2023

Celebrate Saudi coffee day, we made a program about it and about the different kinds of it also the importance about it

Saudi Coffee Day Celebration

Arabian coffee is a distinguished Saudi heritage accordingly our school has arranged a complete program on the Saudi Coffee Day declaring the kinds of coffee and how they are made and served. They considered serving coffee as a symbol for generosity in the society. By the way the school introduced coffee for all the guests.


18 07 1445

Honoring the outstanding students in the international and general departments under the patronage of the Department Director/Professor Al-Afdal Mishari Al-Ghamdi and Professor Saud Al-Ghamdi

18 07 1445
15 05 2023
14 11 2022

With the first initiative at the level of Jeddah education in caring for the beauty of Quranic performance, and the recitation of the Holy Quran, the student / Sami Al-Rehaili in the first secondary grade achieved second rank at the level of Jeddah education. Sami Al-Rehaili ,and his fellow winners were honored in the "Platisio" hall, in the presence of education leaders, school principals, and a number of students and their parents.

The principal of the school praised this achievement and congratulated and appreciated the student effort.



14 02 2023

As our school is very careful to support the students with different activities, it has arranged a trip to Jampolin in which the students enjoyed themselves well under supervision of supervisors from the school. They returned safely after a very enjoyable day.


13 03 2023


Honoring students participating in the activities

Because student activities are a major element forming personality, so our school Dar Al Tarbih Al Haditha High School is always keen to support and encourage distinguished students in all fields accordingly the school has honored the participating students in the many different student activities

The students expressed their gratitude and thanks to the school for this kind gesture.



12 09 2023

The program (My health is in my cleanliness) was activated on Tuesday,


Where awareness was spread among primary school students about the importance of personal cleanliness (care of body cleanliness / clothes / clean hair and awareness of the spread of lice)

The students were explained and the educational videos were presented through the project.


12 02 2023

We made cooperation with Jeddah university to have lecture about (cancer), they described some symptoms about it and early diagnosis.

Community partnership with Jeddah university ( medicine faculty )

The medicine undergraduate students have introduced a lecture to our students, in our school, about cancer disease to aware them of discovering and predicting the disease by précised diagnosis. The discussion between the undergraduate students and our school students was very fruitful. Our students were eagerly to be doctors like them oneday.



11 11 2023

An awareness meeting was held for primary school students about infection and how to prevent it.

They talked about the importance of cleanliness for female students

In the presence of Dr. Heba Naeem Younis


11 10 2023

The secondary department celebrated the activities of World Teacher's Day
The teacher is the basic building block for building people
The teachers were honored on this occasion in the presence of the supervisor, Mr. Khaled Al-Juhani, and the school principal, Mr. Ahmed Al-Qarni


11 10 2023

In order to bring joy and happiness to primary school students

Dar Al Tarbiya schools organized an entertaining trip for the students to the Fun Time Pizza amusement park


11 10 2022

(Activating the Healthy Food Workshop)

which was held today, Tuesday 3/15/1444 H, during the activity classes  healthy food workshop,

The school is very careful to appear the  importance of healthy food and drinking milk was defined For primary school students.


11 01 2023

 On Wednesday 4/9/1444 H. we honored the following

The female students who distinguished themselves in early attendance and non-absence

distinguished classFemale students participating in the Qur’an and Sunnah competition-  

10 01 2023

Scientific experiment:


We have made an experiment for Electrical Conductivity of Subjects in Grade 5 International Section,

Where the students made an electrical circuit, to know that copper is a conductor for  electricity.


09 09 2023

The activity and application of the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) was activated

In dealing with young people in partnership between sixth grader students. And the first grade is primary



09 09 2023

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

Mothers' councils

The welcoming mothers' councils were held with virtuous mothers.

In the primary section (girls)

And it was held through the zoom program

Wednesday and Thursday 1445/2/21/20

Behavioral problems and preventive and therapeutic measures were presented.

For primary school students

The grading distribution list for the subjects has been explained

The attendance for the year 1445 AH

The list of codes of conduct and attendance and the latest developments contained therein have been explained

A questionnaire called (Parts to Excellence) was asked

This is to receive mothers' proposals and to be partners with development proposals that suit the needs of the age group for students of the primary section, girls,,,

Director of the primary department: Najla Shatowan

Agent: Gada Al-Ghamdi

Student Orientation: The Boyni Bark


09 09 2023

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

An introductory meeting was held for female students at the primary stage with the supervisor of talented programs, Professor Mai Al-Taweil, to introduce the program

The bot and it is a software that supports steem theory

It supports artificial intelligence and keeps pace with the skills of this generation



09 06 2023

In an incredible race all over Jeddah schools, the lions set out from their dens, led by the lion of Dar Al Tarbia Al Haditha High School, the student Osama Badie under  supervision of his teacher Magdi Aboul Gheit, to sit on the throne of the spelling competition SPELL SAUDIA in the English language that was held today, Thursday 6/8/2023, at the Education Administration Theater

08 06 1445

For beautiful endings

It was full of excellence and excellence

The primary school students were honored

On the stage of Dar Al Tarbiya Modern Schools


06 08 1445

Celebrating the Arabic language
It took place on Thursday 6/8/1445 AH
Creating a theatrical program prepared by Arabic language teachers
In the primary section (girls)
Names of Al-Mu'awi
Welcome Friday
Noura Al-Otaibi
The celebrations were varied:
of reciting poetry,
Conversations in Arabic between female students,
The dialogue between the Arabic language and the colloquial dialect,
And the bride of the Arabic language.

06 02 2024

Report on a scientific trip:
Destination to visit:Saudi Geological Survey, Jeddah.
Date of visit:Tuesday, Rajab 25, 1445 AH, corresponding to February 6, 2024 AD
The trip started at 9:00 AM, and returned at 12:00 PM
Objective of the visit:
Extracurricular activity for Earth and Space Science
Target students:
Third year of secondary school
Number of student participants:
12 students from all tracks.
Trip Supervisor:
Mr. Ahmed Gouda, biology and geology teacher.
Mr. Firas Al-Juhani, student mentor.
Departments visited in the Authority:
1- Section of rocks and minerals, explaining how to identify and extract them.
2- Department of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. The students saw the seismic monitoring devices and learned their locations in the Kingdom.
3- Section of fossils across different eras, and some fossils were identified.
4- Department of precious stones such as diamonds, aquamarines, and emeralds, and pyrite, known as fools’ gold, was identified.
The students were accompanied by officials from the authority who provided them with a comprehensive explanation of the various facilities and departments.
The students returned to school after spending a special day


06 01 1445

Program name: Kashta Day

Program implementation date 7/6/1445

The administration of the primary grades for boys is pleased to hold a Kashta Day for students in the department’s courtyard in order to develop the social spirit and enhance participation among each other.


06 01 1445

Due to the importance of the Arabic language in our true religion and because it is the language of the word of God revealed to our Prophet, the Boys’ Primary Grades Department celebrated Arabic Language Day  by

Program name: International Arabic Language Day to enhance its importance and make students take pride in the beauty of this language, the language of the Qur’an.

Program implementation date: 6/1/1445

Management of the primary grades department (boys)


05 10 2022

In our schools, we usually celebrate with Teacher's Day On October 5, 2022 AD

Also the teachers were honored by the Principal of the Elementary Department

Professor: Dawlat Al-Sheikh


Prepared by the activity leader

Ghada Al-Ghamdi 


05 08 1445

Hats activity


Under the supervision of the director of the primary department

Najla Shatwan



Ghada Al-Ghamdi

05 01 2023


We congratulate the student: Lian Damanhouri


From the sixth grade of primary school


Qualified for Mawhoob 2022 competition


02 02 2023


Our students are honored at the level of Jeddah Governorate

The highest verses of congratulations and blessings are presented by Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Haditha Secondary School to the student Osama Ramzi, in the third year of secondary school, for winning the first rank in the English spelling competition at the level of Jeddah.

Where the student was honored by the Jeddah Education Department and the Education Department praised the level of the English language in Dar Al Tarbia Al Haditha schools and the school's interest in students reaching the highest possible levels of English language proficiency.

Also, the principal of the school congratulated the student and supported him to continue and achieve more excellence and success.


01 11 2022

A workshop was implemented for fifth grade students


On Tuesday  7/4/1444 AH


In school activity classes entitled (My Beauty and Elegance)


About how to choose colors and how much they affect a person.


using the color wheel.


Implemented by the creative student: Rasis Al-Amari in the sixth grade of primary school


01 11 2022

Paying attention to our Islamic identity and believing in the ability of Islamic art to reach various cultures, we have been keen in Dar Al Tarbia Al Haditha (High School) for our students to acquaint students with Islamic art through the Biennale Exhibition “Periodic Exhibition” of Islamic Arts held by the Ministry of Culture. The visit took place with the participation and supervision of teachers of Islamic subjects, where the students enjoyed All exhibition pavilions, including visual shows.

Hence, the students returned proud of their Islamic identity, full of energy and enthusiasm


01 05 2023
01 01 2023


In order to bring joy and happiness to our little students;


We coordinated to make a recreational trip for the students of the primary grades of the primary stage


For the Art Time ( Fun Time )amusement park.


5 23 1445

The second mothers’ meeting for the second semester was held on Thursday, 5/23/1445 AH

This is based on the importance of strengthening the relationship between the school and students' parents, involving them in the educational process, and promoting positive behavior

The meeting was attended by a behavior modification specialist

Ms. Lamees Al-Sabban

A synchronous meeting was held via Zoom with mothers who could not attend the meeting