• 1. Be proud and committed to our nation so we teach our students the importance of the challenges that face the nation and enrich it with commitment.
  • 2. Encourage students to learn by using the educational resources, labs and create different activities to reinforce the students’ learning.
  • 3. Implement the stafff development to empower the teaching methodology of our teachers by continuous different workshop and training courses.
  • 4. Improve the students’ progress by different ways of teaching and learning . Enrich the program with many extra curricula activities in the school daily life.

We believe that

  • 1. Every student has the right to gain the quality of education.
  • 2. Every student has his own way of learning.
  • 3. Every student needs for safe educational environment with important care.
  • 4. Every student has the right to be treated respectively.
  • 5. The education quality is a result of cooperation among stakeholders, houses and other corporations.