History :

Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha School began as a modern pioneer idea adopted by Her Royal Highness Princess Jawhara bint Saud Al-Kabeer "God rest her soul " in 1387 AH ,When Her Royal Highness established it as a school for girls, bringing together both the different stages of education starting from kindergarten, elementary , intermediate and to the first secondary grade .
At that time, the school took its place in Al-Baghdadiya Al-Gharbia district , near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 1389 AH,the schools were completed all its grades after having achieved great success in the educational performance at the level of the city of Jeddah, so it has become the first wish of all parents to register their daughters in the schools .The number of female students has increased steadily.
As a desire of Her Highness Princess Al Jawhara 'God rest her soul ' to introduce distinguished educational services ,She ordered to establish educational buildings with academic specifications . The schools moved to Al- Hamra district of Jeddah after the construction was completed in 1400 AH.
It should be noted that at this time ,schools were receiving female King Abdul Aziz University to study in the evening for free because of the incomplete processing of girls in university buildings as contribution of the Princess in the dissemination of university education for girls.
The year 1410 AH was the opening of boys section to complete this educational edifice, which was submitted on the length of her reign . The leaders of this country and his men, male and female doctors, teachers, engineers and officers, ministers, politicians and ambassadors, men and women are still proud of being a part of participation of this educational process .
In 1421 AH ,an organizational renaissance started support on the basis of an academic school, contracted with many of long experienced educational staff. Since that date, schools began a new era demonstrated the vision of schools with a precise and a disciplined plan of educational development and education in schools.
In 1425 AH, with the generous support of HH princesses the owners of schools, The schools have begun to apply the latest educational methods using new technologies that are available in each classroom of the schools to fit the era of the communications revolution where we live.
In 1430 AH , As culmination of all these efforts, which extended over more than three decades, we come to the Golden Era where the Princess Noura bint Badr bin Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Saud, held the presidency of the schools, aided by HH Prince Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Saud, and His Highness the Princess Lulua bint Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Saud .

• In this year ,the Quality Assurance Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that the Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Haditha School be awarded NCA CASI Accreditation.
Once reviewed and approved by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, the . school is granted a 5-year - term accreditation . This has encouraged schools to establish a department of International Education to be studied in English.
It was then the development of Schools Career commensurate with the polarization of distinct categories of teachers and administrators both within the Kingdom or from various Arab and foreign countries.
Her Royal Highness Princess Chairperson of the Governing Council has given a lot of Her attention to raise the efficiency of teaching foreign languages in schools at all academic levels, prompting them to use some teachers of English qualified and long experience.
Her Royal Highness Princess Chairperson and Her assistants have recommended that quality in education is a prerequisite and not an end in itself, but to continue to the quality education is a requirement sought by the schools.

Following the path of the tender submitted by the schools eligibility for boys and girls in Jeddah, one finds himself before the story parallel to the successes of this country , its development and its progress, so their Highnesses owners of schools at different periods have studiously all to ensure that the school provides distinguished educational services for the sake of our beloved country, giving a hand and taking part in building good citizens fit the requirements of the modern era