Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools

the primary section

The nobility of Dar Al Tarbiah Al Hadithah schools comes from the nobility of this home. The elementary section for boys has been established to start a new phase in this edifice in 1410. It was the first of the sections of boys to have a new start.
The section includes the multiple activities:
1- Self-defense (Karate) to root self- confidence in the souls of our children.
2- English with its developed curricula: School had provided both teachers with expertise and modern laboratories to prepare our children for the future.
3- Mathematics and Science in English to cope with the modern science.

However, the school has enriched its students with additional programs to discover talents in various areas:
1- The program of memorization of the Holy Koran with the help of Islamic education teachers.
2- The program of improving the Arabic calligraphy under the supervision of the teachers of the Arabic language.
3- The program" I am an artist" to discover talents in our children in the field of art and painting.
4- The program of talents to discover talents in various fields ; scientific and literary .
5- The program of robot : School has allocated a special lab for the creativity of our sons in the work of the computer and the robot.

The school also has a range of modern laboratories to help in the application of the basic subjects:
- science laboratory equipped with modern equipment and raw materials for experiments.
-The English language laboratory is one of the latest audio laboratories.
- Robot laboratory for the work of the computer.
- computer laboratory includes latest computers to keep up with the rapid developments.
- Because we're creative, the section has the leadership in the outer technical exhibitions which showed creativity of our sons and rivalries in exhibitions at the governorate level.
- as witnessed, this section has collected numerous awards in the areas of top students, declamation and art " I'm an artist" as well as the competitions of the robot on the level of the Kingdom and the world, to indicate the extent of the effort for the benefit of our sons and our dear homeland.



The most important activities of the primary section

10 01 2023

Scientific experiment:


We have made an experiment for Electrical Conductivity of Subjects in Grade 5 International Section,

Where the students made an electrical circuit, to know that copper is a conductor for  electricity.


01 05 2023
15 05 2023
21 04 1441

At the end of the school activities, the final match was played under the patronage of the school headmaster, Mr. Mashary Al-Ghamdi.
The winners were honoured and also, the participants were honoured. 
Dar Al Tarbia Al-Haditha School. 

05 04 1441

The fifth anniversary of the pledge for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques , King Salman Bin Abdul- Aziz. 
All the members of the  elementary Section celebrated for that  occasion for a week (from 1st to 5th December) . They pledged allegiance for the king and for the Crown Prince , Mohamed Bin Salman.
May Allah bless them. 
May Allah bless our country.
Dar Al -Tarbia Al-Haditha School- Elementary Section

14 11 2019

According to the table of events in our school,  we held  a program for Popular Food.
Students brought and shared impotant traditional dishes of food in Saudi Arabia. The school Principal and staff teachers took part in the event. 
The school administration thanks the students who participated in that event.

07 11 2019

Osama Al-Bosaili was honoured by the Talented Administration in  Jeddah . He was chosen from the international Section in our school to attend a training program  ( An Introduction of Creativity ) for 15 hours. 
Osama has passed the National Project. 
Our School thanks  him for his hardworking and effort.

06 03 1441

During the ninth week of the first semester 1440_ 1441 H,  our school celebrated The Arab Week of Chemistry through the school broadcasting and the activity  classes .
There were also some experiments to enrich students minds.

16 02 1441

School Administration congratulates Mr. Emad Al-Attar, a teacher of English language at the elementary section, for having the Distinguished Teacher  Prize at the level of Private Education Office in Jeddah.
The administration , also thanks him for his hardworking and achievements.

22 02 1441

World Food Day
The school always activates the days of the of global events within the activities of students. 
In the seventh week, World Food Day,  October 16 ,was celebrated through students' activity, school broadcasting, and through the period of activity at school.

19 02 1441

The first item of news:
Thanks to Allah, Mr. Mohammed Al Nashiri was honored with a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the Office of Education in Central Jeddah due to his efforts and sincerity in his work as a media coordinator of the school. Also, it was for his efforts in media coverage of programs, school activities, and his interaction with the programs of the Media Unit.