Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha Schools

Boys’ intermediate stage

Grateful thanks for God, and prayer and peace be upon Mohammed bin Abdullah Allah the honorable human among the whole creations and the God's mercy to the world.
Thanks for God who taught by the pen, taught human what he never known, and then...
We are glad to give you a brief statement about intermediate stage in our edifice school, Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha School which contributed in the educational renaissance in our beloved Kingdom and build the Saudi individual on foundation based on the Holly Quran and Sunnah.
The intermediate stage was opened in 1413 H, were the opening of the stage started with one class only in the first intermediate stage, and by the grateful of GOD then those in charge of the educational process efforts in the school the intermediate stage has obtained both prosperity and sophistication, providing the best educational services as well as getting different excellence awards in all aspects of the educational activities, non-educational activities, extra-curricular and external competitions as well.
Generally, the intermediate stage consists of sex classes. The first intermediate stage consists of two classes, the second intermediate stage consists of two classes and finally the third intermediate stage consists of two classes. Each class is provided by an electronic board, projector and an internet. The total number of the students in the intermediate stage is 123 student.
Also, the intermediate stage contains an integrated lounge for physical education, art educational room, computer lab integrated in terms of the number of devices and the internet as well as it contains a science lab.
Moreover, the intermediate stage has a direct guidance services which seeks to provide the best educational service in order to get a decent level for the stage.
Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha School with its both sections boys and girls has the latest air-conditioned buses that provide high levels of comfort and security. Also, it has drivers and supervisors which qualified with sufficient experiences to deal with students. Each bus is provided with one supervisor who accompany students during their trips. These buses are distributed geographically in all Jeddah’s regions and revivals, each with specific itinerary.
Dar Al-Tarbia Al-Hadetha School sees that it is important to inform student’s parents in case of their absence. Also, informing them of the late attendance in the morning as well as both the educational and academic levels by SMS and different other methods such as the school telephone, asking student’s parents to visit the school and finally the parent’s council.

Labs of the Intermediate Stage:

Firstly: the computer lab:

The computer lab is well equipped with modern equipment’s, a display device, connected to the Internet and good educational programs which help students to learn well in a way that is suitable for this stage.

Secondly: the science lab:

The science lab is well equipped with modern equipment’s. It consists of a display and microscopic devices which help students to learnin fast and educational ways.

Thirdly: the art lab:

The art lab is well equipped with various works of art and fine arts that helps the drawing capabilities and creativity of the students.

Fourthly: the English language lab:

The English language lab is well equipped with modern equipment’s, a display device and audio equipment’s that help to deliver information in excellent way, also help to develop the English language skills of the student.



Important Events

20 08 2023

Dar Al-Altarbia Al-Hadithah Intermediate School receives and welcomes its junior and senior students during the first week . The academic year 1445


26 03 2023


The principal of the school, Mr. Abdo Al-Muaidi, on behalf of the management of the intermediate department, honored the students participating in the foundation Day.


22 02 2023

The Foundation  Day Celebration

From the day we started, we continually build our habits.

Today, Wednesday morning,  7/24/1444 AH, the middle section celebrated the foundation Day, which falls on 2/22/2023 G. of each year, in which all students participated, expressing their joy on this day.


26 02 2023

In a social and awareness initiative, the intermediate section made an official visit to the Biennale (periodic exhibition) of Islamic arts at King Abdul Airport in Jeddah. Where the students got acquainted with the facilities of the region and the works of artists from all Islamic countries.

08 04 1441

It is on Thursday 8/4/1441
The intermediate section organised a visit to Jeddah sea port to recognize its facilities and they have chosen the most excellent students to go there. This was under the leadership if Mr. Mazeed Al-Assulami and Mr. Muhammad Taha. This visit was under supervision of our school leader Mr Abu Bakr Al-zaylaee